Have you ever wanted to get into the gourmet cup cake business but have been hesitant because you are not sure if it would get off the ground and make money?

One of the most famous cupcake business people in the world (and the pioneer often credited with starting the craze) is Candace Nelson who started “Sprinkles” in Beverly Hills way back in 2005.

This former investment banker started making money doing what she loved and now sells 1,000 cupcakes a day.

Since then, her cupcakes have been featured on Oprah, Good Morning America and in television shows like Entourage.

Sprinkles cupcake stores are in the works for Miami, New York and Tokyo.

Another one of the very first cupcake boutiques was Kara’s Cupcakes opened seven years ago in San Francisco and is run by Kara Lind.

She has since opened another five cupcake boutiques. She is famous for her healthy cupcakes such as Kara’s Karrot. This type of boutique pioneered the idea of the cupcake as a health food.

According to Bloomberg Business Week, Misha Kuryla Gomez, is one of the most successful cupcake businesses in Florida.

This MBA grad from Florida International University decided to start Misha’s Cupcakes in 2007 after she gave birth to her daughter and needed a business that could be lucrative yet allow her to spend time with her daughter.

Currently she sells her delicious designer cupcakes to nine restaurants and bakeries.

One of the most recent celebrity cupcake entrepreneurs is Isabelle English, daughter to Todd English who operates a company in New York called “Curly Cakes.”

They are sold in the food court at the Plaza Hotel – which is owned by her father.

Actress Katie Holmes is apparently so addicted to her Grasshopper and Red Velvet Cupcakes that she had them flown from the bakery up to a film set where she was shooting in Canada.

David Arrick, a laid off real estate attorney founded Butch Bakery in Manhattan. This interesting entrepreneur invented a cupcake business that caters specifically to men.

His specialties, which often make the news, include the maple cupcake smothered with crumbled bacon and a chocolate-beer cake topped with butter cream and pretzel crumb sprinkles.

His business makes over ten grand a month.

It does seem like the cupcake business is the business to be in lately as it now accounts for almost ten percent of all bakery sales.

Still, a cupcake business is not going to thrive in all locations or communities.

The only way to find out if a cupcake business is for you is to specifically develop a good business plan and then analyze it thoroughly to see if it is a business that will work in your area.

Then all you have to do is take this same business plan to a bank or investors to help you rent the right place so you can be just as big of a success as some of the cupcake entrepreneurs mentioned in this article!