1. Can I load this business plan on more than one computer?

Yes you can do that without a problem. The files are delivered using Microsoft Excel and Word and you can save them on any computer you wish after purchasing.

2. How is this business plan delivered?

The group of fully customizable files are done in Microsoft Word and in Excel are emailed to you as well as made availabe for download on the thank you page after purchasing.

We’ve found that deploying the plan this way makes it very easy for our customers to work on them in a familiar environment, break them up into sections and share the work.

We have a new version that should work on a Mac as long as it has Microsoft Word and Excel.

3. Will this work on both Mac and PC?

Yes. As long as you have Microsoft Word and Excel loaded on your computer you will have no problem viewing and customizing these files.

4. Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes. We proudly offer a 60-day money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase.

5. Is it possible to make this plan customized for my specific geographic location?

Yes, we realize it would be impossible to write one plan for every conceivable geographic location. Therefore we’ve included contact information for a research/writing company that is extremely reasonable.

They specialize in business research, writing and business plan writing. This way you can have the plan customized for your region with complete numbers and statistics. Our files, while they include research are not geo-specific. Your kit will include a 10% off coupon for these services.

6. Is your business plan Excel based? Or can we get the business case into Excel so we can run Monte Carlo simulations on it?

Yes. The financial statements in this plan are in Microsoft Excel and the rest of the business plan is in Microsoft Word.

7. Will this plan work for international businesses (businesses outside the US)?

Yes, most parts of the business plan will work for businesses outside the United States. The only section that you will need to redo will be the industry analysis as this is based on mainly the United States industry. However, there is some information on the international industry, just not as detailed.

Typically people outside of the US do purchase this business plan and are happy with it due to its financial statements, marketing plan and business model.

8. What local market is this business plan based on?

The cup cake business plan is based on the local Tampa Bay market. It will need to be customized for your local 1-15 mile radius of your shop location. You can get this information by contacting your local chamber of commerce. We also provide a 10% off coupon and the contact information of a research writing company that can help with the final touches and customization.